We love connecting our families with innovative brands that enhance their daily lives. The dynamic parents that attend our events are key influencers in their communities and bold trendsetters in their friend groups. Diverse in their fields, educated, and tech-savvy, these unique parents are engaged consumers that trust us to introduce them to meaningful experiences and products that matter.

For the key brands we partner with, we create press-worthy, immersive marketing opportunities engineered to cultivate lasting relationships and synergistic bonds between a community of like-minded brands, families and artists. You can learn about a few of our avenues for partnership below, or by contacting


CC Family Weekend

Our renowned spring weekend event at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs offers scores of valuable and compelling opportunities for our brand partners to put their products in the hands of key customers, tastemakers, bloggers and press outlets within the family space. We work with our sponsors to weave their brand messaging and product seamlessly throughout the fabric of the event with customized activations, artist workshops, pop-up shop opportunities, product seeding, social media services and much more.


Handmade Holiday

Handmade Holiday extends the spirit of our flagship weekend into a day-long winter celebration in Los Angeles, where families are invited to take a day off from the crowds while spending and afternoon connecting to their families and the spirit of the season through creativity.


Extended Partnership Case Study

We have an extensive range of skills to offer our partners, ranging from large-scale event production, to graphics and video services, to comprehensive brand strategy and beyond. The Splendid clothing brand brought us on as holistic marketing consultants after the success of the initiatives we designed for them at our famly weekends. We built a national strategy for Splendid, producing custom launch events and interactive promotional products for over twenty of their retail locations. We went on to design, populate, and manage Splendid’s social media presence, creating a unique voice for the brand with fully original content, brokering relationships with influential bloggers and garnering hundreds of thousands of followers across their platforms during our management.