Felt Trees

01/28  holiday, medium skill level


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You’ll need:
– 9” Styrofoam Floral Cone
– Felt
– Scissors
– Floral, or pearl-head pins
– Sequins
– Crafting Community felt tree template


1. Print out our felt tree template at 100% scale and use it as a guide to cut your felt. You should have 40 large circles, 5 small circles, and one cross.
2. Working your way around the base of your styrofoam cone, shingle felt circles onto your tree using pins and sequins.


3. Work your way up your tree until only about 1/4” of styrofoam is visible on the top. Get your felt cross, and fold its arms down over the top of the tree to form its top, anchoring with pins. Be sure to angle your pins downwards so the sharp ends don’t stick out the other side.


4. Take your small felt circles, and pin them over the gap between your last row of large felt circles and the bottom of your cross.

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