Crafting Community Is…

It is Crafting Community’s mission to create immersive design experiences where families can play, grow and be together.

In keeping with our belief that creativity is an essential tool for life, Crafting Community encourages and cultivates the creative spirit through art, curated design, fitness and plain old fun. Whether manifesting as a family weekend getaway, a one-day event, a campaign for a partner brand, or a social media initiative, Crafting Community is driven by an enduring commitment to the following three principles:


Because we know aesthetics influence kids as much as parents, we go to great lengths to curate design-rich environments that inspire every participant, young and old. To produce the perfect atmosphere where individuality and fun will flourish, we enlist well-known artists, designers and lifestyle experts to help us build innovative, inspiring initiatives that explore imagination and encourage families to reconnect through the act of making.


We’re inspired every day by the creative geniuses and innovative brands that help to bring our projects to life, but our community would never be complete without the parents and kids who participate. By lending us their unique perspectives and original voices, they build the relationships and sense of place that brings Crafting Community to life.


The brands we choose to interact with inform and influence our lives. We acknowledge the act of trust that families make when they invite a new brand into their homes. By partnering with companies that embody the values of Crafting Community, we offer both brands and families the opportunity to forge lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Karen KimmelKaren Kimmel, Creative Director

Partner, Crafting Community Founder, Head of Brand Innovation
Mom of Jersey and Ace
Favorite Art Toy as a Child: Spirograph

Karen Kimmel has an abiding need to make beautiful things and to make things beautiful. Her untethered creativity and laserlike focus on the details have earned her several job descriptions in a diverse range of fields and a professional life filled with aesthetic adventure. As creative director/founder of Karen Kimmel Studios and Kimmel Kids, she has made her distinctive mark as a designer, curator and creative consultant for brands such as Splendid, Cole Haan and Nike. As the creative force that keeps Crafting Community larger-than-life and full of surprises, she oversees every detail that goes into constructing layered, design-rich experiences. Whether she’s filling the pool with rainbow beach balls or color-coordinating each and every art supply, you can spot her at any of our events adding the big and little touches that make everything even more magnificent.

Stacy BernsteinStacy Bernstein, Chief Operations Officer

Partner, Biz Dev, Client Relations
Mom of Stella, Oliver, and Felix
Fitness Motto: I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.

Always with an eye to Crafting Community’s forward momentum, Stacy is hands-on in many aspects of our operation, leading up the charge for strategic partnerships with brands, operations and development. As passionate about the brands she discovers as the families she introduces them to, she relishes the opportunity to build ongoing relationships and continue to strengthen our growing community. If not thinking about the big picture for Crafting Community, she’s probably running around after Stella OR Oliver OR Felix. In between all that family goodness she’s content getting a run in on the soccer field, a hike with her bestie or serving on the board for Milk + Bookies.